Poll IHO nisems and Cpt. Serious

I too thought nisems' question was "tell me what is great about your life right now". So, with all the frustrations and anxiety we're going through, share the great things going on with you.

Re: Poll IHO nisems and Cpt. Serious

  • LOL - sorry that my question wasn't clear - I seem to be having trouble communicating lately - I'm not even making sense to myself anymore!

    So, ok - one really great thing that I'm super thankful for is that DH and I both have good, stable (knock wood) jobs and haven't been all that affected by the down turn in the economy.  I know that a lot of people haven't been so lucky so I'm very thankful for that!

    I'm planning a wedding shower in February for one of my very good friends getting married in April.  I'm so happy that she finally found Mr. Right!  oh, and related is that we get to take a vacation up to Oregon for the wedding, so we're looking at renting a beach house with some friends for a few days.

    Thats all I can think of for now.  thanks for playing along everyone!

  • 1.  I have a wonderful husband who shows his love for me in little things he does for me that I don't even ask for.  He does so many of these, each and every day, that I don't always recognize them, or more specifically, that the only reason he did them was because he knows it would make me happy.

    An example of a clear one is that he went outside and started my car for me this morning, so that it would be warm for me when I got in.  But one I often miss is when he buys certain foods (cheeses, pineapple, roasted red pepper), not because he wants them or they are things we need, but just because he knows I will be excited to have them.  Or when he suggests going someplace/doing something he knows will make me really happy, even if he's ambivalent; he never shows me he's not 100% into whatever it is.

    2.  I have a wonderful family that is supporting us through our adoption decision, even if they don't always understand why we sometimes get so emotional about it or why we are determined to include our child's culture as an equal part of our family's.

    3.  We have our health.  And even though I complain about aches and lack of fitness, working with my clients (I teach blind and disabled people to ski on the weekends) reminds me that I am only bound by the limits I place on myself.  I am excited to work on my personal skiing and get another ski instruction certification this year.

    4.  I want to take photography lessons, but right now, I don't think I could fit it in.  I go to VT every weekend and take Spanish one night a week.  I guess that's still a good thing; it means I'm keeping busy with things I enjoy.

    5.  We just started talking about our next vacation, and that always makes me smile.  I will happily spend the next several months thinking about that!

    6.  On a similar note, we have many friends and family members we enjoy being around--so much so, that we are planning on asking some of them to join us for the first week of our vacation.  It will be nice to invite the party to ski heaven!

    7.  As part of my Christmas, I'm getting new cowboy boots.  I'm hoping to pick them out this weekend.

    8.  We have invited our nephew up (from Alabama) to Vermont this winter and will take him snowboarding for the first time!  I'm looking so forward to it!

    9.  Despite the current financial crisis, my husband not only still has a job, but got a reasonable bonus (he is in corporate banking).  I also got a retroactive raise, even though it's small.

    10.  We celebrated my husband's birthday last night, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  This weekend, we're going to pick up his new smoker!

    11.  We've got a child on the way!

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  • I should answer my own poll

    -I have a small checking account that's all mine, and I have enough in there to treat my DH to a nice birthday weekend. I'm pretty excited about some of the options we are considering

    -It's going to snow all day tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to a day indoors with DH, just putting away Christmas stuff and spending time together.

    -My job had me pretty burned out at the end of 2008, and I was dreading coming back. While this week has been very, very busy, it has also been really productive, and I've been in a great mood because of that

  • 1.  I serve a God who continues to be in control and stands by His promise to never leave me nor forsake me and I can stand on the promise and hope of Jeremiah 29:11.

    2.  I have an absolutely amazing husband who completes me in every way possible.  He is my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  And despite all of my health issues these last 5 years he continues to stand beside me through every doctors visit and new medication.  He is patient with me when my pain flares and my attitude is less than ideal.  I couldn't be more grateful to God for placing him in my life.

    3.  My health.  Even though I've got my share of issues, I am thankful that I've never had to receive a terminal diagnosis. 

    4.  Our church.  My husband is a youth pastor and our former church was incredibly stressful (looong story) but thankfully God lead us to a new church position and church home and it is a breath of fresh air!  For the first time we feel like we have community of faith and support.

    5.  Thank God I am also done with graduate school!  6 more classes to go and I will be DONE!!!

    6.  Our baby is also on the way!

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