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I usually just lurk on the 2nd tri board but I was hoping that someone on here might have some advice.

So my very good friends were TTC for about 2 years they did some fertility treatments and finally just decided that adoption was best for them so they went through the grueling adoption process (matched once but it fell through, matched again and it almost fell through) Now they have a beautiful 9 week old baby boy and are close to finalizing the adoption. They love him.?

My friend just found out that she is 7 weeks pregnant with twins!! Needless to say she is both thrilled and overwhelmed because this will be something like raising triplets. So I am wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone and if you have advice, support groups, etc. TIA?

Re: Crazy Story...advice

  • Wow - congrats to your friend!  I think there are a good number of us on this board who are still working our way through the adoption process, so you might try over on the multiples board.  They may be better equipped with advice on three babies in a short amount of time!
  • WOW!! That is a crazy story.  Don't have any advice but would like to wish your friends GL on raising 3 kids under 2 yrs old.
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  • holy moly batman...We met with a woman that happened too 20 + yrs ago....I suggest the multiples board also, I lurk over there and there are several with 1 preggo with twins, or have 1 and preggo with twins.



  • I had an opposite situation...I had my DS in April last year, and then found out in June that my DD would be available for adoption (her birth mother is a family member).  They are 4 months apart to the day.  The only other nestie in a similar situation is lrrb.  She usually frequents the SAIF board.

    I have struggled to find somewhere that I fit with my unique situation.  I agree with pp's...the multiples board seems to offer the most similarities.  I tend to lurk over there to see how help myself feel less stressed with the extra work of multiple children at a young age.

    Congrats to your friend!!  She will need all the support she can get from friends and it is really great that you want to help.

  • Congrats to your friend! My two adopted boys are just over 8 months apart in age. So, only two of them instead of three and I didn't have the infant stage (the older 19 months and the younger was 11 months when we finally got both of them). However, I really love having them so close. Your friend will just figure it all out. It will be hard, particularly before she gets into a schedule, but it is a lot of fun! I love that they are pretty close developmentally and I didnt have to worry about the younger son mouthing toys of the older one that weren't safe. So my advice, tell your friend to have fun!
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