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I just got the NASTIEST e-mail from another WAHM who isn't a member here.  WOWSA.  I have barely been on in the last few months AND I haven't been on DS in a long time.  I also have my shop temporaily closed down so I have no idea why this came up today of all days.

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    Eeeee...that's not cool. 



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    Totally not cool.  It's so much easier to be a b!tch (in a 

    bad way) without having to do it to someone's face.

    Sorry you were on the receiving end of idiocy :(

    Mother's Day, 2011
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    She is accusing me of bad mouthing her here.  Umm...I haven't even been here.  I've been trying to get my head on straight. :(


    Ugh.  Did not need this today.


    I responded back and asked her what she saw, when it happened and why she felt the need to bring it up today.  It was so random!

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    Nope.  This person makes stuff you use to clean your diapers.  She also came out with a pail freshener recently.


    I e-mailed back and told her she was out of line.  She still doesn't think so.


    Whatever.  She said that someone recommended her product on here this week and got attacked.  Didn't happen. She's mistaken.  Some might say crazy.  But I didn't.  ;)

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    No worries.


    Oh...and not only did I not attack her, but the POST didn't happen.  If it did it was deleted.  I went back to look to make sure myself.


    That's not how we play here.  She's mistaken.  And...if she has a problem she should join and say something.

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    Ask her for a link and where YOU said anything.

    So sorry?

    47 months &
    11 months
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    Wow.  I'm really sorry!  If she can't produce a link to the post, then I'd say she's crazy.  Glad to see you back on here!!


    Cycle #11: BFP

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    Grain of salt sweetie, grain of salt.  Some people are just screw balls/nuts.
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