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Abington Primary Womens Healthcare Group-other opinions

Hi All,

 I really just wanted to vent. I am 20 weeks pg and have been going to Abington Womens HC. I have had nothing but terrible experiences with them.

1.       I am on hold for long periods of time when I call. A message comes on saying that there is a large call volume. But when I go into the office, the receptionists are almost always standing around chit-chatting.

2.       They are submitting my paperwork as out of network doctors when they are in fact in network. I get monthly bills from my insurance company that I have to fight.

3.       I called to talk to them about the billing issues and it took them a week to call me back.

4.       I called to speak to a nurse two days ago and still haven?t heard back from them.

5.       I have been going for 5 months and have only seen one doctor. She is pg herself, so I can guarantee that she will not be delivering my baby.

6.       When I made my first appointment, I asked if I could be seen as soon as possible because I had some blood work done by my primary that showed my Hcg levels were low. When we were hanging up, she told me she hoped my levels would decrease. What is up with that???!!?

7.       I find the staff generally rude, with exception of one nurse practitioner.

8.       They forgot to check my pee for protein at my last visit.

9.       They forgot to give me my last set of blood results.

10.  I feel like I am managing my own pregnancy. (ie? I tell them it is time for my ultrasounds, blood work, etc.). I am a first time mom-to-be and they are the professionals. Shouldn?t they be guiding me?

In closing, I switched this week to Women Care. I am hoping that I will have a much better experience there.

Has anyone else had expierence either place that would like to share, good or bad?


Re: Abington Primary Womens Healthcare Group-other opinions

  • I'm sorry to hear about your awful experience with them.  While researching the groups in Abington I heard that the receptionist's were rude but the physicians were great.  I've only had two appointments so far and have not felt that way about them... yet. 
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  • I'm sooo sorry to hear this!  I used them- I have a 4 month old.  I was able to see a doctor and almost every appt- there were maybe 2-3 times I couldn't.  As for the office staff- they are HORRIBLE!  I actually finally called and complained to the office manager, who was very thankful for my call and said that they couldn't change anything if patients didn't make her aware.  I also had issues in the beginning with the way they were submitting paperwork, but it was resolved quickly.  It's a very big, very popular practice and I hope they are not suffering for it!  GL with the rest of your pregnancy!
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  • I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience at Abington.  But I am also relieved to hear that you changed doctors.  If you did not, I would have definitely recommended it. 

    I hope this new practice works out better for you.  Best of luck!

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  • Thanks for the support gals! I am hoping that the new practice is a better fit for me.

     Llyynn, I'm glad you have had a good experience so far. I hope they keep it up!

  • Sounds terrible!  I don't use them but they were on my list.  I go to Women's Healthcare Group. They have a lot of doctors and require that I see all of them during my pregnancy so when I make my appointments the receptionists check to see who I have not met with yet.  The office staff, nurses, and doctors seem really nice. 

    Am I totally happy with them- no.  I too had a few issues when I had questions and had to call the office.  I had a terrible sinus infection at 5 weeks and the receptionists never put me through to a doctor but told me there was NOTHING I could do or take to help with the infection. When I went in at 8 weeks for my check up and explained what had happened I was told I could have taken Tylonel.  I was pissed and crushed.  I have learned that you had to ask to talk to a doctor and not ask the receptionists questions over the phone.

     Let me know how Woman's Healthcare Group works out.  Or are you somewhere else?

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  • I have had the same problems with the phone - nurses busy, not calling back, etc...  However, I have had an amazing experience with almost all of the doctors and I love my primary doctor with the practice!  I talked to her about the phone and nurse issue and she said to just leave a message for her and she will call me back.  She appologized and said they are working on a better system; but with how large they are, it is hard.  So far, she has always called me back when I call with a question.  If you start to have the same problems with the new practice, I would recommend talking to a doctor you "click" with about wanting a good, personal, trustworthy relationship with your OB practice.  Hopefully, they will be willing to make that happen for you.  Good luck!
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