Pregnant after 35

new here :) fact or fiction ?!

hello mamas & future mamas 

My hubby & I have recently started trying for baby #4 
our other 3 were all easy, complication free from conception to delivery so I was under the assumption this time we’d try and bam, baby made. 
I am soon to be 35 & have seen many mamas struggle with fertility, many younger than myself, and I have started to worry that I’m too “old” to have a baby .. stemming from a recent comment made by my mom about my sister having a baby .. she’s younger than me 😅 she has no idea that we’re currently trying & a plan to keep it that way .. anyways, sorry for the ramble

i guess my question really is, is it true fertility drastically drops once you get into your 30s?! 
If I’ve had no issues conceiving up until this point am I stressing myself
for no reason ? 
Or should I prepare myself for it to be more difficult than the rest?
thanks in advance beautiful ladies

Re: new here :) fact or fiction ?!

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    My husband and I had an "oops" moment, but my period tracker app said I should have been outside of my fertile window so we didn't think too much about it.  Fast forward a few months to a few missed periods and now little Spud is 22 weeks into baking.  I was 39 at the time and I can't speak for anyone else, I don't think my viability went down any from the fact that we had one really well timed slip up.
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    I guess it really depends. In my case I only started at 43 (I know, I know, but it all depends on each of our life stories). It's been 5 months of trying naturally. At 2 months of trying I conceived,  but lost it a month later. Now I have conceived again. So it looks like for me, I am really beating the odds of supposedly 5% or less chance per month of conception. But will the rest be so easy... I don't know.

    I try to take an attitude that nothing is guaranteed and that I'll be happy either way. 
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