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Going out in public - 3 month old

Any tips/tricks on having a happy baby when out in public? FTM and I’m trying to get my 3 month old used to being out and around loud noises. We haven’t been to too many outings the first two months but started mommy and me a few weeks ago. Whenever we go out to a restaurant she’ll scream/cry and is hard to calm down (she’ll fuss to the point she exhausts herself and falls asleep). I make sure she’s fed, changed and had a good nap before going out. I know every baby is different but any tips/tricks/recommendations?

Re: Going out in public - 3 month old

  • Consider baby wearing while out. She'll fall asleep or if awake she'll most likely be calm because she's up against you. You can even eat while baby wearing and shell usually be pretty happy. I don't know how you feel about pacifiers but we don't typically like to use them, but we will if out and about. 
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