2nd Trimester

Brown/Pink Constant Spotting 4 Weeks After Cerclage 25 Weeks Pregnant

Hi All,
I am 25 weeks pregnant with our third child. I had an emergent cervical cerclage placed at 20 weeks due to a short cervix. The doctors said that the procedure went well and that I would have spotting and cramping for a few days afterwards. The spotting and cramping came and went as expected. Fast forward to last week- I began having significant amounts of brown spotting and discharge every time I wiped. I called the OB triage line and they told me to monitor it from home. 3 days ago, I went to the restroom in the middle of the night and had a good amount of red blood when I wiped. I called the triage line again and they told me to come in to L&D. The doctor that saw me said that the cerclage looked fine, baby sounded good, and they couldn’t see any reason for the blood. But it’s just not stopping and I’ve never heard of this situation happening before. I understand that there’s no immediate problem, but I can’t help getting in my head when I see the discharge every time I go to the bathroom. Has anyone had a similar experience? Looking for some reassurance!
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