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Early Miscarriage, Medical Management

Posting to share my experience and wondering if anyone else wants to share their experience of taking Misoprostol to manage a missed miscarriage. 

I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and docs were concerned that the baby was measuring 6w3d. I was very certain of my dates, so we scheduled another ultrasound a week later to check again. The baby was still measuring 6w3d and I had a third ultrasound yesterday with at a more advanced lab to confirm there was no change and no heartbeat. My doc gave me the option of waiting it out, taking medicines, or having a D&C. I chose the medicines and will be taking it tomorrow morning. I'm really hoping I won't regret my decision. Everything I read online says how painful it will be and I have a pretty low pain tolerance. This is my second pregnancy, I have an awesome little 17month boy from my first. I didn't deal with labor well at all with him and I'm pretty terrified of the pain I'll be in if the misoprostol is like having labor at home. 

Trying to be grateful that we have a child and in knowing that we can get pregnant on our own. Our first was through lots of fertility treatments, but this second pregnancy we managed to make happen without medical intervention. Hoping to try again after my body heals. 

Re: Early Miscarriage, Medical Management

  • I've taken it twice, my first reaction was worse than the second time. Both times I staged myself up in bed with a book and some calming music and waited for it to hit. Once the cramping starts, I was able to curl up and take a nap and sleep through most of it. The pain is bad, but not that bad, definitely not labor levels of pain. And the pain doesn't last that long either, just a few hours at most. You can also take tylenol/midol, which help A LOT. I would recommend taking some early to head off any pain, if you're worried.
    You'll start bleeding pretty soon after it hits, so get ready with a pad/period panties beforehand, and it was heavier and lasted longer than a normal period, and the worst of the bleeding happens in the first two days. It's definitely not a fun experience, but overall it's really not so bad either.

    Both times I had my husband pick me up a Mcdonalds burger and chicken nuggets. I literally never eat Mcdonalds, but for some reason I absolutely CRAVED it, like some sort of weird comfort food lmao. I wasn't able to eat until after most of the pain had subsided though, so I had taken the pills around noonish and I was able to eat by dinnertime. I would maybe prepare some comfort food, or schedule a delivery or something so you'll have easy food on hand once you're able to eat.

    So sorry to hear you're going through this <3 I hope all goes well. Take it easy and pamper yourself as best you can <3<3
  • Thanks for the support @lizzzy217 .

    I took the misoprostol yesterday, 36hrs after the mifepristone dose. It was less bad than what I've read online. To me it felt like those first few hours of labor when I started to ask for an epidural but it was nothing like the worst parts of labor. I took oxycodein for the pain and promethazine for the nausea at the same time as the misoprostol dose so that probably helped a lot. Feeling better today, it's more like a bad period now. Thankful that it wasn't as bad as what I read.
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  • Rgnzls4Rgnzls4 member
    thank you sharing. Sorry for your loss. I may start process within the week too .
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