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Product Spotlight: formula

Are you planning on using formula? What kind? 

Re: Product Spotlight: formula

  • I wouldn't say I'm *planning* on using formula, but I definitely had low supply last time around and ended up combo feeding, so I'm prepared to do the same again (though hoping things will go differently this time). We honestly just got handed Similac 360 Total Care from our pediatrician and were told to supplement with that - it worked fine for us so just continued to use it. I went through a phase of looking at other kinds, but never switched. I considered Bobbie, but was concerned it didn't have any pre/probiotics and got stressed about figuring out how to add those in. 
  • I am planning to breastfeed again this time, but just wanted to make a note that even if you are planning to exclusively breastfeed, you may want to have a little formiula on hand. With both my kids it took a week for my milk to fully come in, and we had to do the dreaded triple feeding (nurse, then pump, then formula) for about 10 days until my boobs caught up. We got some samples from the doc, but we also had to go and buy some in a hurry. I wish I had thought to have a small container on hand. 
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  • I had almost no supply last time, and it was disheartening. I met with lactation consultants, ate the lactation cookies, pumped, nothing helped. This was right before/during the pandemic so there was a national shortage on formula as well. All of that to say that we loved Enfamil Gentlease. I'm going to try and breastfeed again this time, but I'll definitely stock up on formula before baby gets here.
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  • I used formula after 5 weeks with my first and after 9 months with my second. We used Similac, just the regular blue can. Neither had any special dietary needs or restrictions, so we never switched off it. I pumped with my second, but I hadn't stored nearly as much as I thought, and it ran out very quickly. We're buying a new deep freezer this time and when we're done with milk, we'll get rid of our old one.
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