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Gestational Diabetes

28 weeks 5 days. I have just been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I am terrified for the baby. I will do whatever I can to keep him healthy but I am just so scared.

Re: Gestational Diabetes

  • HGRichHGRich member
    It can definitely be an overwhelming diagnosis. I remember I cried for a few days when I got it with my son. But it’s manageable. It’s temporary. Follow the guidelines from your dietician, change your diet, rest, exercise, sleep well, stay hydrated. You’ll feel confident after a couple of weeks of working out what works for your body. Highly recommend joining a Facebook group or two for GD support and recipes and ask lots of questions there. 
    My son did great, no concerns or problems, was born 39 weeks 7lbs 11oz, healthy. Currently have it again and I’m three weeks down, about 9 to go. I’m currently controlled by diet for meals during the day, and metformin for overnight fasting numbers, which for most women are not controllable with diet alone. 
    The placenta is doing this to you, it’s not your fault. But with knowledge you’ll feel empowered to handle it, and it’s only a few more months. 
  • Thank you. I was just diagnosed and am so scared that my baby will be in trouble. I have not seen the dietician yet but I am eating well, exercising, drinking lots of water and sleeping well. I will do anything it takes to keep my baby healthy
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  • HGRichHGRich member
    With proper care and sometimes medication or insulin your baby should be fine. It’s only when moms don’t treat their GD or are careless too often that problems can arise. Doctors will monitor baby closely and do weekly ultrasounds to check on the health of the placenta. Don’t worry too much. 
  • Your baby is going to be okay!

    When I got GD with my first, my doctor told me that if she could pick a pregnancy complication for someone to have, it would be GD because it is completely manageable.

    Even if you have issues with your numbers, you will get medication to ensure that baby stays healthy. The issue with GD is if you don’t know that you have it and it goes unmanaged. Your doctors will keep an eye on you to make sure that all is well.

    That being said, it can be annoying and upsetting to feel like you have to be so strict and so careful with what you eat. As HGRich said, the fasting number is the toughest and the one that you have the least control over.

    I didn’t need medication with my first, and I gave birth at 40w6d to a completely healthy, normal-sized baby who is now a perfectly healthy 4 year old. So far I am diet controlled with this pregnancy as well, and baby is doing great. Your baby is going to be fine ❤️
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