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I'am Moving to London England & Want A Family

Hi there cause I'am MarieJayne Sokoya from El'Paso,Texas and I'am New to this informative and helpful resource Forum. I plan on Getting and Paying for a Surrogate and I'am going to be a Single Mother of Two Sets of Twins. I even have their Names already picked out like Azra,Luca,Red,Blue and My Family and Heritage is of Nigerian/Other Black or African Roots. And I also have a little Korean in Me so Naturally as Anime Fan/Koreaboo I would love to find a Asian Sperm Donor. I was watching Twilight after not Watching it since High School and it made me Think Alot about Family. I could totally relate to Bella except I'am a Total Girly Girl so I really want Girls so I can Dress them up and Teach them how to Wear Makeup. Anyways I can totally Picture my Sick Wheelchair Bound Father Larry Sokoya as an Grandfather with Little Kids Sitting in His Lap even if it's very Hard for him to Carry Them. I'am originally from Oregon and Los Vegas but I was born in Sacramento,California but I have lived near The Mexican Border for about Nine or Ten Years and I'am 29 years old but I will be 30 Years old in May 16TH. I hope to Make some Internet Friends and Sell Baby Stuff and Women's Stuff as soon as possible and lastly I also really want to Adopt Four Female Cats.
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