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Gush of blood? 9 weeks pregnant

I've bled on an off since 4 weeks pregnant. Had an ultrasound last week and baby looks great! Heartrate was 175. However last night while laying in bed I got a gush of bright red blood. I went to the toilet and passed two clots. One the size of my hand and the other only an inch long. 30 minutes after passing them, the bleeding stopped and went back to brown discharge. I didn't have any pain or cramps when it happened either nor am I having any now. I have an appt and ultrasound with my doctor tomorrow but have any of you experienced this without miscarrying??


  • The "gush" of blood and blood clot the size of your hand seems worrisome. I have only bled in such a manner due to miscarriage. That being said it didn't just stop. So maybe it's some odd thing and all is well. Hopefully tomorrow you can get some feedback from doc and possibly an US if you're worried. Good luck I hope you and babe are both OK.
  • Sounds like it could have been a SCH that released but that sounds like a pretty big clot. Did they mention anything about seeing one on ultrasound last time? The no cramping and not continuing to bleed sounds optimistic though. But unfortunately you won’t be able to tell just from that. I only passed a clot that big when I was postpartum. But it was a similar experience of a gush and then a big clot. Sending you good vibes for tomorrow!. 
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  • I mistyped in my question. I meant the size of my palm. But my husband did go that night and retrieve it just incase we had to bring it in and he is saying it was more like half the size of my palm. I'm really hoping that's all it was. My nurse is saying the same thing, and that they didnt see a SCH on the ultrasound but that, that doesnt mean one didnt develope or that they somehow just didnt catch it on ultrasound last time. I feel like I have terrible luck and this pregnancy has been SO rocky so far. I just hope everything's okay. I should know for sure in a few hours though.
  • I'll be praying for you and your family. Pregnancy can be sooo nerve-wracking. 
  • Praying for you! ❤️
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