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Breasts less swollen?

I woke up yesterday and today and noticed my breasts feel less swollen and full. Im 10w3d and freaking out that I’m having a MMC. anyone else have this?

Re: Breasts less swollen?

  • I think it's pretty normal from my experience atleast. They will blowup and deflate a lot on this journey. 
  • I’ve noticed this with my belly. There are days where it’s big and days where it seems flatter, days where I’m tired and days I have energy without the nap, days my dog won’t stop following and suddenly she stops, etc. It has been fluctuating a lot, I think we might be over analyzing it. All morning I kept hearing “your belly seems to have gotten smaller, you don’t seem pregnant at all” just got out of my ultrasound and baby is still growing and healthy :)
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