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1st pregnancy- when did you feel baby move?

For your first pregnancy, when did you start feeling baby moving?

Re: 1st pregnancy- when did you feel baby move?

  • I’m pregnant for the first time too and felt the first flutters around 15 weeks. It wasn’t strong so at first I wasn’t sure, but as time went on it happened more often throughout the day so I knew it wasn’t just a muscle spasm or gas lol. 
  • This is my first pregnancy as well. I’m 20 weeks but have an anterior placenta so I’m not really feeling much, or at least not consistently. I’ll feel something here and there, which started around 16 weeks on the sides of my uterus. But days will go by where I don’t feel anything right now. Not too worried about it, but when I do feel things, flutters is not the right word. It’s like a punch. I’m looking forward to feeling things more consistently
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  • With my first I felt it week 15, it was strong enough you could see it from the outside. This time around I felt it around 10-11 weeks which is super early to the point the nurse made me feel crazy. I am 100% sure I felt kicks though and I still feel them at 13 weeks.
  • I'm 16 weeks and I think I've been feeling slight movement although I'm not 100% sure. Obviously with it being my first I don't know what I'm looking out for so I sort of wonder if it's gas or a movement! I had a feeling in the night which felt like a punch, it wasn't painful as such but it was strong! 
  • FTM - I first felt little twitches at 17 weeks and continued to randomly feel bubbles/flutters.
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    Mine was around 15 weeks. I felt the kicks and made me cry.
  • FTM- I felt flutters and kicks around Wk 18
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    I felt it around 10 weeks. 
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    12 weeks my 1st
    10 with my 2nd
    16 with my 3rd (anterior placenta)
    10 with my 4th
    12 this time around

    With my 1st ill never forget telling my brother I could feel him move and he said no way its so early, I put his hand where he was rolling and the baby kicked his hand so directly and intense he jumped back and said Holy shit. That was insane. He looked at me like the vessel of life we all are. Haha. Then he asked what kind of gremlin I was carrying because it was so forceful. 😂

    If you're comfortable with it, share these moments with people. It is such a precious time and so close to whomever the maker is. Sharing it with others is important when possible.  

  • for me it was 16+5 <3
  • I thought I felt baby at 12 weeks and then nothing for a bit, so I think I was being optimistic. But then between 16 and 17 weeks, I've felt a few things that I just know aren't me - definitely something baby. Not as distinct as a kick yet at 18 weeks, but definitely wriggling around in there!
  • I started feeling some indirect movements around week 10.  I think the baby was off to the side and I couldn't feel things getting shifted around when they moved, especially after I ate something spicy.  I'm at 20 weeks now and I'm starting to feel the flutters and more direct movements.
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