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Severe stomach/abdominal pain

Hello! I’m on my 5th pregnancy currently 7 weeks, 5 days (mama of 2) and I’ve been experiencing SEVERE abdominal pains for about 2 weeks now. I went to the ER a few days after the pain started and left with no answers other than, a possible blood clot (which turned out to be fine, after further investigation) and a viable intrauterine pregnancy. My blood and pee results came back normal. 

It is over a week later, and I am still experiencing extreme pain daily- which often lasts from the time I wake up , until the time I go to sleep. I just want to lay down all day, but that’s not currently possible. I’ve never experienced this with my previous pregnancies and I no longer think this is normal. My next appointment is scheduled nearly 2 weeks out. 

Btw I haven given birth twice unmediated. And in comparison this pain is pretty bad😩

Has anyone experienced this before?

Re: Severe stomach/abdominal pain

  • I'm having severe cramping too at 5W4D that comes and goes. I had an early ultrasound as a result and everything looked ok. Hcg levels also seemed to be increasing appropriately. I was told that it's my uterus expanding, but I'm still skeptical. Hopefully we're both ok. 
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