2nd Trimester

Hip pain at night - any suggestions?!

Hi all! I’m 15 weeks and the hip pain while I’m trying to sleep has been awful. I got a pregnancy pillow but that isn’t helping. Is there anything that helps with this? Maybe certain exercises or something? Thank you! 

Re: Hip pain at night - any suggestions?!

  • I’d need to know more about the hip pain. Front? Back? Insides? The side you’re lying on? The side that’s in the air?

    You could certainly try exercises to strengthen the hip, like resisted clamshells (in sidelying or standing) for the external rotators, bridges (I’d recommend resistance at the knees), sidestepping, etc…but without a proper work up, it’s hard to say quite what it is. Usually with pregnancy, it’s a strength issue as the body changes shape/posture, but that’s not true for everyone. I also like banded squats.

    For temporary relief via stretching, I’m always a fan of the 90/90 hip stretch. 

    If it is a strength/muscle issue, that should get better with exercise for sure. Our bodies change so much during pregnancy that the load taken on by our hips shifts and increases…and the muscles need to meet the demands. It’ll get better.
  • Also, with the body pillow, make sure the pillow is between your knees and your feet, as well as behind your back. Depending on which pillow you got, you may need an extra pillow to accomplish this. It’s good practice for the third trimester.
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