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GTKY photos—pets

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Maybe this was done once back before I joined around second tri, but @denise_amd ’s bump photo reminded me. I’d love to see pet photos if you have any fur babies! 

Re: GTKY photos—pets

  • This is Pippin! He’s a very good boi and I’m hoping he’s going to be a good big brother 🩷
  • Scout and Finnley, our first babies! ❤️

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  • Phoebe is going to be 9 at the end of March. She was also my first baby. She’s half black lab, half vizsla and she definitely is a clingy as a vizsla. She’s cute though. 
  • @stress_engine are they pitty mix?

    @kamikazezoomy what breed is he? I love his name. 
  • @HGRich, yes we adopted them both as puppies from two different local rescues! Scout is our brindle girl almost 4 years old,  adopted in June 2020, and her DNA test was a pretty good split between a lot of breeds, primarily: American Pit Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, and Labrador Retriever. We joke that she is just all the guard dog breeds! Finnley is our tan and white boy turned 3 a couple of months ago, adopted in February 2021, and he came out as exactly half German Shepherd and then mostly American Pit Bull after that. They aren't the black or chocolate lab and  german shepherd dogs that we pictured, but I love how unique and beautiful they both are!
  • So many good boys and girls! 🥹 

    This is our English springer spaniel, Hazel! We brought her home almost a year ago. Her 1st birthday was on Christmas, and she likes casually draping herself on my husband. 🩷

  • @denise_amd, awww I miss those puppy bellies! And Hazel is such a cute name too!

    To everyone who raised their dogs from puppies, would you do it again?! They have been wonderful adult dogs, but I loved having puppies in our home as hard as it sometimes was. We have friends who said never again after raising one, lol. 
  • @stress_engine I would, but not with small children in the house I’d probably go insane 🤣
    we got our first dog as a one year old shelter pup, and our second was a 7 week old shelter puppy. She was very cute but a lot of work and took like 4 months to completely potty train. Also very $$$! I would do it again but not spoil her as much as she’s definitely a primadonna 😂 

    These are my bb girls they’re 7 and 5, and our cat is almost 8.

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    @HGRich Pippin is a Great Pyrenees mix with some Saint Bernard, border collie and Great Dane in there too, so he’s really in the small side for all of that at just 83 pounds (although the shelter told us he was heeler and rough collie, so he still ended up twice as big as we expected). 

    @stress_engine I didn’t want to get a puppy initially, but I feel like we really lucked out as Pippin was a surprisingly easy puppy. It helped that I was home with him basically all the time, I think, but if H and I were both working, I don’t know if I would have the patience. 

  • Me and Benji aka Taco :) our rescue from the Dominican Republic  
  • @stress_engine I would not get a puppy again. I would love an adult dog, a few years old, with basic leash manners maybe and already potty trained. Definitely not with small kids. But we already know we won’t be getting more pets when Phoebe goes. 
  • This is my gal Loulou. Her 11th birthday is the day after baby’s due date. I adopted her in my late 20s and she’s seen me through my single and dating years, career moves, buying my first home, covid, meeting my partner, and now my first “human puppy”! I’m really grateful she will be able to meet him!
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