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We lost our Baby Jan 20th

Hello, I am looking to connect with others who have also gone through a loss but had to be induced to birth baby and had the surgical removal of the placenta my daughter had as moving the day before we went in for our OB appointment and when they did the US they said she had no heartbeat. It blew my mind and I feel somewhat in denial and angry. 
They induced me and it took 24 hours for the entire process. When baby, River, was here the OB said she was a health fetus. 
I believe in God and always believe things happen for a purpose. But now I feel guilty, I am already on board to try again and am scared at my age (36) everything is just going to go sideways and a miscarriage could happen again. My boyfriend is a very supportive loving partner and is taken back by the whole thing. We really want a family together. Just any advise, support, words of wisdom. We have a lot of family support and amazing friends. Just trying to put my own mind at ease I guess. 

Re: We lost our Baby Jan 20th

  • I'm so sorry for your loss and I send all my positive energy to you and your journey of creating a family.
  • I am so sorry and literally in the same boat. We lost our baby and we are ready to jump back in but at 36, I get the fear immensely. I wish I had words of wisdom but am navigating this situation too… right now my focus is just on eating the most optimal diet, exercise and tracking my cycle. Sending positive vibes to both of us.
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  • my heart is aching for you. We are experiencing a missed miscarriage right now as well. I was supposed to be 16 weeks but baby measured at 13 weeks so they say heart stopped 3 weeks ago. We are devastated and so scared of it happening again 
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