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Product Spotlight: Car seats

Let’s share everything about car seats here! 
What car seat are you thinking of getting?
Will you start with the infant bucket seat or go right to a convertible?
STM+: which ones have you had? Likes/dislikes?
Questions/Resources to share?

Re: Product Spotlight: Car seats

  • We used an infant seat for the first 8 months and switched to the convertible in the summer. We loved our Graco infant seat and love the Evenflo 360 he is in now!
  • I’ve heard that the Britax infant seats are super heavy
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  • I bought a car seat on Black Friday. I got the Evenflo Revolve 360 Slim. I'm very intrigued by the rotating seats.

    I decided to skip the infant seat this time and go straight to a convertible. We don't have the infant seat we used with our boys and figured it was an expense we could skip. Past the first 6 weeks or so, I found the infant seat too cumbersome to lug around and wouldn't take it out of my car. 

    Seats we've used with our older two: Chicco KeyFit 35, Graco Extend2Fit, Graco SlimFit 3in1. No complaints about any of these. I probably would have bought an Extend2Fit for this baby if I didn't want a rotating seat. 

    csftl.org is a great resource for all car seat information. They have in-depth reviews on tons of seats. 
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  • We used an infant car seat until my daughter outgrew it and then switched to a convertible. I think the infant is really helpful in the beginning because you can just pop it out of the car and into the stroller, which makes that transition easier. For the Infant Car Seat we used the Chicco Keyfit 30 and for the convertible we have the Evenflo Revolve 360 Slim. I loved them both. 

    As a related aside @safeintheseat is a great car seat and car seat safety resource on Instagram!
  • We also used the infant car seat until the boys outgrew them and then switched to a high back. I cart those things around everywhere, so much easier to keep them buckled when they’re napping on the go. With my first I got a convertible high back after the infant seat and used it the rest of the way through. With my second we were gifted a non convertible high back, so we’ll just get a booster when he’s ready to switch. I choose the BabyTrend infant seats, because I like the triangle handle. Baby Trend makes nice jogging strollers (and wagons too) that connect easily with the infant seat. I will say I’ve been eying up some of the lightweight seats, and they seem so much flatter and less cramped for baby. I always felt like my boys always had wide shoulders compared to the width of the seats. They don’t seem that comfortable, but maybe it’s cozy. Idk. 
  • I really haven’t done too much research and I’m a FTM. I was looking at Buy Buy Baby at the rotating car seats, but I found the display models were really hard to rotate and that was without a baby inside! Maybe you all have some further insight on this though. 
  • @feli14 I have the Evenflo Revolve Slim as I mentioned earlier - I don't find it hard to rotate at all! When it's strapped into the car perhaps its easier? 

    One thing to consider with rotating is some only rotate when they are rear facing. It was important to me that they rotate when front facing too, but might not matter for others!
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