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Product Spotlight: Diaper Bags

FTM: have you picked out your diaper bag yet?
STM+: what bags have you used in the past? Pros/cons? What are your must haves ? Are you getting a new one for this baby?

Re: Product Spotlight: Diaper Bags

  • For my son I have this bag -

    I loved having a backpack! It is a decent size and had everything I needed. I continued to use it as my son’s daycare bag since it would hold his extra clothes and linens when they would go home to wash. 

    I could use it again, but the spoiled part of me wants to get a new one for the baby. These are the two on my list right now, so we’ll see what happens !

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    I agree backpacks are essential. Especially as a TTM I’ll be holding at least one hand while walking in parking lots with a diaper bag on my back and a bucket seat in the other arm. 

    On the other hand, as a TTM, I absolutely see myself just chucking diapers, burp cloths, and outfits in the same backpack purse from Target I regularly use when my kids and I go out. My older ones don’t need much anymore. Just wipes for sticky faces, hand sanitizer, maybe a granola bar. But if you have toddlers too you might need a bigger bag. 

    This is what I used when I had my son in 2019:

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  • @HGRich that is true! I think my rationale for wanting a new one is that I rarely get myself new bags. I have a small circle leather crossbody that I got as a present that I can keep my keys/wallet in but that’s about how much it can hold. I like that I can still wear it with a backpack! I don’t usually pack the diaper bag full even when my son was a newborn, I think the most packed it’s been other than daycare is when we took it on flights! 
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