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Roller coasters at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood

Hello :) I have a trip to these theme parks in a couple months so I’ll be 3-4 months. Is it safe to go on most rides?

Re: Roller coasters at Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood

  • If anything I want to go within the next few weeks incase it’s safer to go now 😂 Thanks for all the help! I’d ask my family but no one knows as it’ll be a surprise!
  • I don’t think it’s safe to go on any intense rides once the placenta has been formed since there’s risk of abruption. It would be best to ask your medical professional though they can give you the best advice. 
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  • @verom22 There are definitely rides that are NOT recommended (what @virtaur is correct) but Disney actually does a great job at labeling which ones are a no-go.  My husband and I are annual passholders for Disney World and if you go on their app, you can click into each ride and look at the details to see if there is a warning that says "Expectant mothers should not ride."  We were just at Epcot for our anniversary (I was 33 weeks) and was able to go on a couple of the less intense rides.
  • @dmcg17 @virtaur thank you ladies 🥺🫶🏻 I guess I’ll take the L on this one lol. Much rather be safe than sorry ♥️
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