1st Trimester

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease while Pregnant

My one year old brought home the dreaded hand foot mouth from preschool, and I am afraid I might be getting it next. Does anyone know if there is a risk to the fetus if I get it? Someone told me it can cause miscarriage. 

Re: Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease while Pregnant

  • Oh I’m sorry. HFMD is easily the worst virus that our household has suffered. I hope your little one gets better soon.

    Most healthy adults don’t get sick from the virus that causes HFMD because they have some pre-existing immunity to it (usually from their own childhood). Even if you do get sick, the risks are very low to your unborn baby because the virus doesn’t usually cross the placenta. 
  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It’s definitely been a terrible experience, we feel so bad for our little guy. Praying I don’t get it! 
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