1st Trimester

Feeling deflated by the opinions of other people

I'm feeling crappy and I know I should just brush it off...but it's harder than it sounds.

I was 22 when I had my first child, and 23 when I had my second child. I married my high school sweetie and we raised our children...everyone of course had something to say:

You're too young, you should abort and focus on education and travel and build a career, buy a house, wait until you're stable

Fast forward and I am now happily divorced and in another relationship. I have a good job. My partner and i bought a house together. My two children are happy health well adjusted and live 50/50 with me and their dad...oh yes and I am pregnant at 40 years old.

Today I am really feeling the weight of other people's opinions

You're too old, theres too many health risks, Im surprised you're even thinking of keeping.it, it's unfair to the baby, they wont be close with their siblings because of the massive age gap, you wont be able to focus on work and save for retirement, you wont be able to travel, your work might not take you back when you have a baby to worry about.

The only people who are excited are my boyfriend, my two teenagers, and my dog...everyone else can pound sand.


Re: Feeling deflated by the opinions of other people

  • I don’t think it’s ever too late to do what makes you happy. I’m sure some people have some stuff to say about my situation too (engaged and pregnant 8 months into our relationship) but honestly - life is way too short for us to worry about what others think or say. Maximize the support you do have and minimize the other bulls**t :) 
  • I’m also of AMA and no one, not a single person in my life, would say such intrusive things about my body, or decisions regarding it. If someone I know did, it would be a signal to me that it is a dysfunctional relationship and I would either confront and set boundaries, or remove them from my circle of trust. 
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