3rd Trimester

"Petite Baby"

Had my Third Trimester ultra sound, my baby is growing normal but her femur and her humerus are a bit short, the ultra sound doctor said that she may be a petite baby since I am petite (I am 5'3, my husband 5'5), should I be worried or am I exaggerating?

Re: "Petite Baby"

  • It sounds like petite runs in the family. I wouldn't worry. I would only worry if they worry. 

    My family is all tall even my husbands side. So they told me my baby was going to be tall and has big feet. I just laughed bc well, she’s bound to be tall. I would actually worry I’d she was going to be super short. Even then, we can’t change it so it’s not worth the stress in my opinion. 

    Enjoy these last few weeks. Then you get to see those sweet little fingers and toes. ☺️
  • Nothing to worry about. Believe me they will tell you if it was (we went through a major scare).  
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  • Sounds perfectly normal! We actually just had ours on Monday and were told the opposite; she's measuring in the 97th percentile. 🥴 They told us all the risks of her being big and are having us come back in 4 weeks to see if she averages out or stays on the bigger side, so I'm sure if they were concerned at all they'd let you know.
  • Both of my girls were and still are petite! They have never passed by the 15th percentile. My son has consistently been 80th percentile. I am pregnant with my fourth and the exact thing is happening where their femur is small bringing their overall percentage down. I think all babies are just made differently! Don’t fret mama.
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