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Newborn Hearing Screening

Any mamas experience their babies failing their infant hearing test at the hospital and then everything being fine? Our sweet babe just failed in one ear and I’m just curious is anyone has experienced the same.

Re: Newborn Hearing Screening

  • Our babe failed the first hospital test, they said there are lots of different reasons why it happens.  They retested and everything was fine 
  • my daughter was born end of August — she had to take the hearing test 4 separate times before she finally passed in one ear. She was born via c-section & they said babies can get more fluid in their ear canal and it takes time for the body to absorb it. Don’t fret!
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  • My baby girl failed her hearing test in one ear twice at the hospital. We were told it could be a lot of fluid. Went back 2 weeks later and she passed in both. 
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