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Surprise Baby Shower

Hello All, I am having my first child. I do not owe a lot of dresses as I was never a fan of dresses until I met my husband. I always wore comfortable clothing as far as jeans/slacks and a nice top. I never really go to many events or let alone get invited too many them that are top notch parties to dress up entirely. If you think you are having a surprise baby shower, what do you or how do you dress up for a surprise baby shower? What if I get told we are going to so and so then it's a surprise shower?

Clothing as been an issue for me since COVID and clothing stores shutting down nearby that I have to order nice comfy stylist clothes.

Please help.


Re: Surprise Baby Shower

  • dmcg17dmcg17 member
    Honestly, if it's truly a surprise, people shouldn't expect you to be dressed up because how would you know that's what you're doing? Do you know who would be/is throwing it for you?  Maybe you could try to get some info to prepare you if you're worried about it. I specifically told my mom that all I wanted to know was date/time so that I would know what to wear since I pretty much live in leggings right now.  
  • virtaurvirtaur member
    edited October 8
    You can always keep a nice dress or dressy clothes in the car or a bag (with the tags on even!) if you think you might be surprised. And then show up in casual clothes and change right away so you can get pics with the nice dress/clothes. Wear whatever you will feel most comfortable in so it shows in pics! 
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