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8w2d ultrasound shows only yolk sac. Definite miscarriage?

Dear mamas,

I wonder if anyone had a similar experience.

I have conceived sometimes between 21-26 July with 11july being my LMP

My period is not regular so I’m not entirely sure, but I should have been 8w1d when I had my second ultrasound three days ago.

The ultrasound showed an empty sack with a very well visible yolk sac, but no fetal pole. The obstetrician said it’s going to be a miscarriage, and that the embryo must have stopped developing around 5w. She said she was 100% sure. I was devastated.

I went to a private hospital the following day to book a procedure (MVA). The gynaecologist there did another ultrasound (now 8w2d). Nothing changed from the previous day, but she compared it to my first ultrasound I did at 4w6d. She said that there was significant growth between the two ultrasounds and that she was not comfortable to operate yet. She wanted me to come back in 5 days (next Wednesday) to see if there’s been any growth. If there’s growth, she thinks the dates are wrong or it may be slow development. If not, she’ll operate on the same day.

I’m today 8w4d with still nausea and fatigue and sore swollen breast. I did not have any spotting or camps yet, just sometimes a feeling of ‘pulling’ around the uterus area.

The waiting and the feint hope is messing with my head tremendously. I’m doing my best to not attach myself to such small hope and expectations and preparing myself to let go of this pregnancy.

At the same time, I’m horrified at the idea that dates miscalculation may be the real issue here ( I read stories of women around my time in pregnancy that are asked to come back in 2 weeks rather then 5 days, and that they then found the fetal pole). I worry that when I see no change in 5 days I’ll go ahead and induce miscarriage, when in fact I should just have waited. Yet the waiting is an agony.

I reach out to this community in the hope to hear similar stories, with either happy or sad endings, to learn to find acceptance and hope in this heartbreaking time.

Thank you all and wish you a good day and an healthy pregnancy & baby

Re: 8w2d ultrasound shows only yolk sac. Definite miscarriage?

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