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How much brown discharge is ok with sch?

I'm somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks and have been spotting for couple of weeks now. During my first US at 6 weeks I was told I have an SCH and should expect it to come out. It's been mostly brown discharge but recently it seems to have increased. I'm just using a panty liner and can go a day without changing it but the increase in discharge is scaring me. Any experiences? Does it mean that it's all coming out and I can expect it to reduce in the near future? 

Re: How much brown discharge is ok with sch?

  • I had the same thing happen. I’m also 9 weeks and was diagnosed at 6. For me it lasted for a week, stopped for two and then started again for 2-3 days after picking back up exercising. I was told there could be multiple rounds of bleeding/ discharge throughout the first trimester. I know it’s super scary because all you want is your baby to be okay. I know that’s not really a definitive answer to your question but I thought I would share my experience. We are not alone. 
  • Thanks for sharing. I had to switch to a sanitary napkin today and it was pretty full by day end. I'll call my doctor tomorrow. I have had a MC so know what that feels like and just given I had no cramps today I know it wasn't a MC. I just really want to know the baby is ok and want to see it's tiny heart beat.  
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  • Sorry for the ignorance, but what’s an SCH?
  • Subchorionic hematoma 
  • I’m also 9 weeks and have had brown streaks (not enough to even fill a pantyliner) since finding out about my pregnancy. I was diagnosed with a small SCH and a cyst on my right ovary. The brown streaks haven’t stopped but I notice when I drink a lot of water, it clears up. Exercise (even just yoga) does seem to cause slightly more bleeding. They say majority of these go away on their own and bleeding in 1st trimester is normal for a lot of women. 
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