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Baby putting whole pacifier in mouth

My daughter is 7 months old and she just started putting her whole paci in her mouth. She is teething and has been since she was 3 months old and no teeth yet. I give her teether's but she ends up getting mad with them. Any advice? Thanks in advance. 

Re: Baby putting whole pacifier in mouth

  • Good to know it’s not only me!! 7 months my son does the same thing I have to watch him all the time he is teething too!! Puts the whole thing in the mouth!! Try to give her teethers that go in the freezer for us it works! 
  • I tried this too! She wouldn't put it in her mouth at all. She does like the frozen teethers. I ended up getting her some mam pacis that are bigger and she hasn't been able to put the whole thing in her mouth yet 

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  • We use an item called teethpop. Can get it off of Amazon and babe loves it especially when he's teething! We put some of his favorite purees in it and give it to him throughout the day! Plus, certain teethers my son will not touch. It's a trial an error but he really likes ones with a bumpy surface like the banana toothbrush! 
  • Sorry typo. It's called teetherpop
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