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Post 5-Day FET, now 5 weeks but Feeling Period-like Cramps

:/ Hi! I’m Post 5-Day FET, now 5 weeks pregnant after IVF, but I’ve regularly been Feeling Period-like Cramps. It seems to be predominantly in the am, pM, and mid-day is when I’m a smidge tired and would like to nap. I have had multiple losses, all different. I had one success 7 years ago now and can’t remember what that felt like (as I didn’t even know I was pregnant for many weeks until my mom (haha, yep) saw my boobs were huge in my bathing suit top and asked me if I was pregnant. I’m older and pretty in tune with my body but things get murky when you’re doing IVF with the trickster supplemental meds they have you take. ***My question here is, does anyone know if the period-like slight twinges/super mild cramps are likely due still to the progesterone in oil and estrogen suppository my fertility doc has me on, or if perhaps the transferred embryo has stopped progressing and my body is trying to miscarry but can’t due to the extra estrogen suppository and progesterone in oil shots. I don’t get to see if my pregnancy is viable yet, my first appointment is at 7 weeks. I wish there was a way to know if I’m still ‘actively’ pregnant- if you can understand. Once I had a MC and the embryos stopped progressing at 5 weeks and I got sepsis around 7 weeks because I was trying to make sure one way or the other if they were definitely viable or not. I’d like to know if others on these meds felt all the twinges around 5 weeks and it was ok. I know testing with pregnancy strips will not help much in the interim tho’ as it has taken my body weeks to come down from the high levels so I’d still see the two pink lines for a while. We live in another state from our main fertility office so getting an early US isn’t easy.

Re: Post 5-Day FET, now 5 weeks but Feeling Period-like Cramps

  • Just call the fertility center on Monday and tell them exactly what you wrote here.......they can help you out then. We can't answer your question, sorry. 
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    I have a history of loss and a 6 month old via IVF. Those twinges can absolutely be normal, and as odd as it sounds, it can be your uterus already working on expanding for that poppy-seed-sized baby. I also went to an out of state clinic for my IVF, so I know it's hard to be far away. You can always call the clinic with questions. But try not to worry at this point because cramps are totally normal all through the first trimester. They may keep coming for months and be normal! If the cramps are bad or you have blood, that's what I would consider a warning sign. However, I had significant bleeding around 5 weeks and some spotting around 7 weeks, and still had a healthy baby (I personally think the heavy bleeding was losing the second embryo they implanted along with my son).
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  • Your uterus and the supporting ligaments are growing and stretching. Cramps are absolutely normal in viable pregnancies. It may last for most or all of the first trimester.
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