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Product Spotlight: 1st tri-essentials

Happy Monday! I thought I would get us started with our Product Spotlight series, my plan is steal the schedule and prompts from my A19 board as the woman who ran the product spotlight back then was amazing, but if anyone has any input, I'm happy to hear it.

To get started let's open up discussion of what products helped or are helping survive the first trimester! 

Got a great product for queasiness? A nice brand of soft underclothing that don't irritate sore boobs? Those glasses with eyeballs painted on them so no one can catch you napping at work? Please share!

I've created a spreadsheet here, where I'll keep track of the schedule, and link to old posts, so anyone can go back and reference them when they're ready to actually shop or register. If you don't see a topic you think we should cover let me know.

Re: Product Spotlight: 1st tri-essentials

  • mrosek91mrosek91 member
    @hedgepig I found MommaStrong in May of 2019 when I was pregnant with my third, and absolutely love it. Definitely second the recommendation!

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