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I lost my baby today

I’m extremely sad because this is my first pregnancy. We were going to tell his parents next weekend. They would’ve been first time grandparents. I just shared the news I was pregnant with everyone at my job. Now when I return to work after the holiday it will hurt even more. :'(

Re: I lost my baby today

  • I understand what you are going through. It was our first time pregnancy and I learnt late last week that there was no heartbeat in the latest ultrasound. By that time I had already started experiencing brown discharge but no other symptoms, like cramping or heavy bleeding. We had some struggle getting pregnant so it's even the more difficult. I feel so lost and emotionally drained. I just wish this wouldn't have happened.
  • How far along we’re you? I was still in my 1st trimester.
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  • I was in my first trimester too, around 7 weeks pregnant. We had conceived after a year of trying so this is particularly hard.
    How is your health so far?
  • Hey. I just sadly joined the club yesterday I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, mine was silent I had to go through a D and C. It s so hard. It was my first pregnancy and we informed family snd friends. I did not tell to work but when I received the doctor call to go urgently for a D and C my boss was there I couldn t hide and shared with him. He was so nice he cried with me…
  • Hi. I am going through my first miscarriage right now. It was our first time getting pregnant after several months of trying. We were over the moon and had already told our families. We had also been planning our wedding which is just 3 weeks away. We now have to go back and tell our families that we lost the baby. I am absolutely heartbroken. 
    I hope you are all healing peacefully. 
  • We just told our families for Christmas and our co-workers, but at our appointment today, we learned there is no heartbeat. I'm 7 weeks, and the doctor wants to check again next week to be sure. But we're preparing for the idea that we too may be losing our first child.
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