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Covid with a newborn

I just found out today (Thursday) that a visitor on Tuesday tested positive for Covid today. My partner and I are both fully vaxxed and were boosted last in December. Our daughter is 5 weeks old and we’re terrified! We are planning to test tomorrow and are wearing masks in the meantime but has anyone been through this? Our pediatrician says to go to the ER with the baby if she shows symptoms, but the symptoms include being extra fussy, change in eating habits, or change in sleep habits. She’s still developing a routine and she changes a lot day to day. 

Re: Covid with a newborn

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    I thankfully made it through covid, flu, and rsv season healthy and with a healthy baby, but my niece got the flu at Thanksgiving and covid at Christmas. Actually, her father had covid right after she was born but didn't give it to her mom or her. With the flu at around 2 months, she had a high fever and they went to the ER. Doctors were much more nervous about flu than covid. She was totally fine after 2 days and her parents never got it. With covid, she had a fever for a day I think. Maybe slight cold symptoms. Never spread it to her parents and the pediatrician said flu symptoms tend to be much worse in her age group than covid. I know it is so scary though! 
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