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Early Pregnancy Loss . Sisters Pregnancy Announcement

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Hi Everyone,
I’m feeling all the emotions right now. 2 months ago I had an early miscarriage at almost 7 weeks in the middle of helping my sister prep for her wedding which took place 1 month after my miscarriage. On the wedding day I felt fine unless someone brought it up then I became emotional thinking about it.

My husband and I had been on and off again trying for about 6 months before we got pregnant and the excitement of it all ended too soon. Fast forward to two weeks ago, 1.5 months since miscarriage and my sister tells me she is pregnant. I feel excited for her but it also brings back so many emotions of my excitement and how quickly it ended for me. I had been having some small blood clots and eventually went in for our ultrasound appointment which confirmed that we’re having a miscarriage.

When she told me she was pregnant she knew it might be hard for me and while I’m excited for her it hurt cuz I wished I was going through the same.

Just two weeks ago she sent her ultrasound in the group family chat saying first picture of Baby Bean…and it really hurt. It still feels fresh and I felt like she could have been a little more sensitive to my feelings knowing our ultrasound appointment gave us bad news. I left the group chat saddened but texted her that even though I’m excited for her that just seeing things like that right now brought back too many hard memories.

Well now my Mom is furious that I’m not all joys for her and has texted me rude messages saying that I’m being self centered and that she will never talk to me again.

I have let my sister know my excitement for her but it’s just a little over two months now and with us not having gotten pregnant again yet it just hurts a little still. I feel like I have to drop everything for my sister and can’t feel emotions once again and grieve at my own pace or I get yelled at for being too “self centered.” I’ve just been quite and taking it all in and finally felt the need to let it out.

Re: Early Pregnancy Loss . Sisters Pregnancy Announcement

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