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Any disposable diapers and wipes suggestions

So with my first we cloth diapered and when we had to use diaper we used pampers swaddlers. 

This time I'm learning that probably wasn't the best diaper and wipe choice. 

Any suggestions on a good, less chemically but still soft and absorbant diapers, and wipes that don't fall apart or just smear mess?
I don't recall the water wipes being a thing with my first so those are intriguing me. (My first was over a decade ago lol) 

I really really wish I could just get like a diaper and a few wipes from different companies because this computer research stuff isn't cutting it. lol

Re: Any disposable diapers and wipes suggestions

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    katelynnnnnkatelynnnnn Just Joined
    You can check simply on Amazon, you'll find plenty of choices or you have also great website like where you can find tested products ;)
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    Hello! Has anyone ordered diapers in bulk on such sites? I need Pampers diapers and baby wipes
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    Diapers - Charlie Banana, Seventh Generation, and Hello Bello are popular cloth-like disposable diaper options with fewer chemicals. Honest and BambooHoo are also good natural choices.

    Wipes - WaterWipes are highly recommended and are just water, no alcohol or fragrances. Natracare and Hippy Brand are also very soft on skin with simpler ingredient lists.
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