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Angel’s kiss on forhead and eyelids

My 3 weeks old has a red mark on his forehead and eyelid. Most probably angel’s kiss. I heard they go away. But reading in different forums that they don’t go away for many people. Anyone can share their experience? Also, if it did not go away by its own, did anyone try laser treatment?

Re: Angel’s kiss on forhead and eyelids

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    My oldest daughter had it. I was told it’s called a stork bite. She had it inbetween her eye brows and the back of her neck. It would get real bright red when she cried. It did slowly fade over time. I’d say by age 2. She’s almost 8 now and you’d never know she had it.
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    My 3.5 week old has it on his eyelid as well. We spent time in the NICU, and talked to several doctors and nurses. We asked about it, and all but one doctor said it would fade and likely disappear over the first year. So we’re not too worried!
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