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1st pregnancy severe cramping and pain

It's my first pregnancy, I am so excited inspite of all the problems in life. I'm having random severe cramps at night or early in the morning when I'm trying to sleep. It's lasts for about 15-20 mins and it's bad enough that it makes me feel dizzy and sick. I don't have morning sickness yet. I think I am about 6 or 7 weeks along due to missing my period in Feb and march 2023 but my pregnancy test said 2-3 weeks. I've done 4 pregnancy tests and all have been positive. Why am I getting these cramps? The internat says it's normal for mild cramps for short periods of time. But it's started off really sever and now I've had the dull pain all day in my abdomen, legs, back, and vagina. Is this normal?

Re: 1st pregnancy severe cramping and pain

  • Unfortunately no one here can tell you if it’s normal. I would recommend making a doctors appt and telling them you’re having intense cramping. I guess it’s good that it’s not all the time. But there’s really no way to know if everything is okay without seeing a medical professional. Best of luck. 
  • i also experience some pain like this! my husband was concerned so he took me to the er and it turns out, i have a uti (it was my first ever so i did not recognize it as one especially since there was no discomfort or burning when going to the bathroom, just frequency) as well as a corpus luteum cyst. the doctor told me that that type of cyst is pretty common and normally goes way on it’s own and forms bc of the amount of progesterone you have when pregnant! i think it is worth going to either your doctor or urgent care to rule out a uti/get antibiotics if necessary so there’s no worsening infection!
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    I’m in the same boat! About 6 to 7 weeks in and have cramps at night and early in the morning. Mine don’t amount to the dull pain you mentioned but I have had them every day for the last almost week now. I’m heading to see my OBGYN on Monday to check on everything and hope you’ll be able to do the same! I did get a blood test to confirm my HCG and progesterone levels too which was very helpful and made me feel a little better. Sending best wishes!
  • My implementation was really bad I had extremely severe stomach pains I didn’t know I was pregnant until I went to the er later in the week. I personally will get bad stomach cramps from being backed up so I wasn’t worried until it happened for a week for longish periods of time.
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