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Grunting Infant - Help!

My one month old is constantly grunting (pushing) to the point where he turns red. Sometimes he throws up because he is pushing so hard. Is this normal?

I started him off on Similac optigrow formula, but noticed he was always constipated and gassy. I recently switched him to infamil gentle ease and the gas has gone away but now his stoole is loose and very irregular.

He still continues to push/grunt so I'm not sure if this is an issue with formula or if this is normal for babies?

Note: Baby is still putting on weight and grunting/pushing doesn't seem to cause any pain as he does not cry.

Should I change formula? If so any recommendations?

Re: Grunting Infant - Help!

  • Ugh I had this with my daughter. It’s literally called “grunting baby syndrome” and is attributed to immature digestive tract and babies learning how to poop. My daughter ended up having reflux as well. What did help was passage of time and probiotic drops. She was breastfed exclusively though, so not sure how the formula contributes. Have you called the pedi to ask? I would start there and see what they suggest. 
  • I'm going to call the pediatrician on Monday. I feel so bad because he's literally pushing for hours and no poop. Then when he finally does he knocks out.

    I never had this issue with my other son so I'm freaking out.
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