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Only one sore boob?

11.5 weeks pregnant 

My left boob is SO sore, they’re like sharp stabbing pains. Anyone else have one side hurting way more than the other? What could this possibly mean?


Re: Only one sore boob?

  • I know this was posted a little while ago, but just had to respond. Oh my goodness, I came on here looking for this exact same advice! I'm 20+5 and I've started having sharp, stabbing pains in my right breast only, it started a couple of weeks ago and I figured it is my milk coming in but I'm not sure. Did this ever go away for you/did you figure out what it was?
  • kenw89kenw89 member
    Hey, it went away eventually! I’m 18 weeks along now. My doctor wasn’t overly concerned as breasts aren’t supposed to be symmetrical 
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  • Mine is my right side. It always is. Lanolin oil really helps, coconut oil too. I used to get sore boobs a lot while breastfeeding too. It's so annoying cause it catches in my bra all damn day 😑

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