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6 month old not chewing or bringing toys to mouth

We have a 6 month old daughter. We are going for our 6 month appointment next week for a check up. Our doc always sends us a milestone screener before we go to fill out. She is hitting all milestones but one of them says 
“brings hands or toys to mouth”.

She has her hands in her mouth a lot but never really brings a toy there. She doesn’t have teeth yet so this might be why?? 

I wasn’t really concerned about it until I went down a google rabbit hole. But has anyone had experience with a 6 month or older baby not chewing on toys or bringing them to her mouth? My anxiety Doesn’t help either. 

thank you.

Re: 6 month old not chewing or bringing toys to mouth

  • Anyone??
  • All babies are different, try a toy that is used for teething, Amazon has a toy that baby can grab onto from the inside. The may prompt her to chew on toys. Also, the toys may be a little heavy for her.
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    My granddaughter turned 6 months a few days ago, and she’s not chewing or bringing toys to her mouth either. It’s especially tough because her two bottom teeth are coming in! She chews on her fingers a lot, but not any of the umpteen teethers I bought for her. I’ve even tried the washcloth idea, but nope. The only thing that has worked so far are the silicone feeders with frozen fruit, but she’s still sucking on them more than chewing.

    I keep reminding myself that at least she’s not putting bad things in her mouth! 😂

    We started her on a very small amount of puréed food when she was 4.5 months (with her pediatrician’s okay). Now that she’s 6 months, she can have something with more texture which I’m hoping will help her start chewing. My daughter gave her a Gerber banana Soothe ‘n Chew teething stick which she liked. I’m hoping that will help her get the idea of chewing! Meantime, I can only wait. I don’t know of any healthy person that never learned to chew so it’s just a matter of time.
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