Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Chemical Pregnancy?

Looking for some advice since because I’m very confused. My husband and I tried to conceive this past month. I tested for pregnancy up until the day before my period, got my period and assumed I wasn’t pregnant. I then started living normal life, wore tampons, drank a glass of wine, even got an X-ray.

When I continued to bleed after my typical 5 days of my period.. I started getting concerned. I also felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my abdomen and back. Now have been bleeding for 12 days and the cramps came back. I went to dr yesterday and she seemed sad to tell me there was a faint line on the pregnancy test and they did a blood test.

I just need someone to be straight with me- did I miscarry? Am I having a misscarriage… is there a slight chance I’m still pregnant?

I then go on to worry- did not I cause the miscarriage cause I thought I had my period and started behaving like I wasn’t pregnant :(

Re: Chemical Pregnancy?

  • So sorry to hear you're going through this. It's so hard when we don't have answers right away. Unfortunately no one on here can tell you if you miscarried. You're best waiting for the blood test results to come back. You could also do an at home test if you don't think you can wait for the blood test results.

    And don't worry about "causing" a miscarriage. All women go on about their normal lives until they find out they're pregnant.You don't know what you don't know. All you can control is what you do moving forward.
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