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Chemical Pregnancy Reoccurrence

Hello, I experienced my second chemical pregnancy in four months. I had a healthy pregnancy 2 years ago with my son and decided in September to try for another. I became pregnant, but then lost the baby around 6 weeks. I decided after my second cycle to try again. I lost the baby this time around 5 weeks and 3 days. The second pregnancy worried me from the beginning because the positive pregnancy test line was very faint late and early when testing. Has anyone experienced similar losses? What were your next steps? And were you able to get pregnant and give birth following your losses? I made an appointment with my gyno but it’s not for a month or so. I’m very nervous that I won’t be able to bring another beautiful life into our family’s world or there may be something seriously wrong with my body. 💔

Re: Chemical Pregnancy Reoccurrence

  • lazenby21lazenby21 Just Joined
    Hi, I’m going through something similar - I have a toddler already but suffered an early MC at 5 weeks and now trying again to get pregnant.

    My GP basically told me I’ve done it once, I have no medical issues with carrying a baby therefore I can do it again - not sure how reassuring this was!
    It’s natural to feel anxious, I’m just trying to be positive and tell myself it’ll happen. Sending love!
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