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Product Spotlight: The Disregarded

What product or products did you have for baby that you never used?

Re: Product Spotlight: The Disregarded

  • Bottle warmer!  And most bottles.  We transitioned to sippy cups also right away. 
  • Wipe warmer, bottle warmer, also - super baby specific, but with my first, I was given all these drool bibs/burp cloths and I was like, what do I need these for? Never used them. Then my second came along and she was a drooly spit up mess and I suddenly had a big need - so don't stock up until you know what your situation may be!
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  • nsk489nsk489 member
    A baby book 🙈 I filled out a couple random pages but that's about it.
    Also all the swaddle blankets---I guess I used most of them for other purposes, but definitely not swaddling. The velcro and zip ones were much easier

  • I personally had tons a swaddled (like the velcro ones) and my daughter absolutely hated then so they never got used. I used muslin blankets to swaddle instead because that's what she preferred. Also have to agree with the drool bibs, we never had a use for them. I did use the burp cloths though! And i barely used the bottle warmer
  • lea-v3lea-v3 member
    None of my kids have liked pacifiers, bottles, or swaddles. It's a bit rough, but I guess nice to not have to wean them off. I'm not against these things either, it's just how it worked out I guess. We also skipped the drool bibs and only one of three has a baby book (and it is far from complete).
  • Nursing covers always fit awkward on my frame! Never used them

    also wipe warmer and even the sterilizer i stopped using after like 3m
  • @mradvins oh yeah nursing covers are a good one! I just whip my boob out. I tried with baby 1, but it was near impossible to get baby to latch with a cover on I gave up quickly and never tried with baby 2.
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