3rd Trimester

Low baby… early delivery?

So! I had an ultrasound yesterday 32 weeks and she told me that the baby was so low if it went lower it would pop out. She said she expects the baby to come at 36 weeks, then later said that there was no way the baby was going full term. The next day my NP felt for baby and said dropped and is completely in pelvis.

OK! So trying to manage expectations, could baby actually come early because of this? I stand about 10 hours a day due to work not sure if this has an influence.

Re: Low baby… early delivery?

  • I worked as a waitress up until 35 weeks.  I was dilated at 4 with baby engaged for 4 weeks - yes, 4 weeks.  I was miserable and stopped working.  Nothing like having a bowling ball sitting between your legs. Baby was born 1 day before EDD.  

    So no one can say for sure, except baby will come when ready.  
  • I had a cervical check at 31 weeks (almost 3 weeks ago now) to rule out preterm labor. The doctor had said that baby is low and has been making progress I think. While we ruled out preterm labor, she doesn’t think I’ll go to my due date of February 14. Good luck to you, hope this helps!
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