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Flying with Hiking Back Packs

Hello Everyone!

We are going on a few flights with our 1.5yr and 4yr old and are using foldable baby backpack carriers (osprey poco LT) to carry the kids instead of strollers.

Does anyone know if they will allow us to board with them and put them in the overhead compartment? They fold up pretty thin, but they are long when folded (32" or so). I know they will easily fit in the overhead compartment, but not sure they allow it....

If not, do you know if it counts as baby items that can be gate checked for free? I've purchased a bag to put both of them in, so worst case scenario it can go that way as 1 unit.

I would prefer to hear from those that have either done similar or seen it done. I have already read the vague rules.

The airlines we are flying are: American Airlines, Delta, United, Ryan Air

Re: Flying with Hiking Back Packs

  • I’m guessing you might have traveled already, but we did this in October on United and just gate checked it when it didn’t fit overhead. Same backpack and traveling with the pack instead of stroller was great!!
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