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Food allergies- bloody poop

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At 14 weeks I started noticing flecks of blood in my baby’s poopy diaper and then it turned into bigger spots and mucusy so I brought baby and a dirty diaper to the doctor to be tested and turns out it’s positive for blood. 

Im breastfeeding and would really prefer to continue. Since I don’t have cracked nipples the doctors first thought is a dairy allergy, so I cut out dairy. A week later nothing changed, still blood. While I was nursing one afternoon I ate a big portion of trail mix with (assorted nuts, craisens, vegan chocolate because of dairy) then the next three dirty diapers had bloody mucus. Went to the doctor again, this time cut out nuts and schedule an appointment with GI doctor. While scheduling appointment the receptionist said to also cut out soy, nuts, and eggs. 

So now I’ve cut out from my diet dairy, soy, nuts, eggs. It’s difficult! And after two days, my milk supply has gone down. I don’t care how anything tastes, don’t even care about eating a chicken leg for breakfast I’m just trying to fuel with as much protein, vegetables, and fruit for my baby. Has anyone experienced this? If so, does anyone have snack ideas you could share? While this diet will certainly help lose some pregnancy weight, I don’t want to lose my milk supply. Thank you!!

Re: Food allergies- bloody poop

  • Try oatmeal if you haven’t, that’s what I ate to help boost my supply. I’m sorry you have to cut out so much. hopefully you can narrow down exactly what it is soon.
  • It did happen to me with my third kid. I think it was eggs for me. I never really found out for sure what it was through medical testing. I had similar struggles with milk supply because of dietary changes. But my baby’s blood in stool did not get worse and my pediatrician was not too worried about the health of my baby. I just came back to the regular diet so I could have good milk supply. To me breastfeeding was important especially that pediatrician did not insist on solving this through dietary changes. Sorry mom, I know it’s scary. But hopefully it’s just one of those things that passes. There are many of those temporary things when raising a baby :)
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  • I have the same problem. I kept my diet for about 2 months (it was extremely difficult) but almost got everything back. My baby still has some bloody flecks from time to time but I don’t react anymore just observe to make sure it’s not getting worse.
    As to the food itself I substituted a lot of things and mostly with oats. I start drinking oat milk (and I absolutely love it still). I am doing my grocery mostly in Trader Joe’s and they have a lot of good stuff that I was able to eat. I even found sunflower seed cookies and candy + oat chocolates and oat and coconut ice cream. Sprouts has cheese substitutes if you a cheese lover. I found couple options that worked for me. And crackers based on cauliflowers. Try some of those, hopefully it helps. I know how it feels. 
  • Thank you so much for the suggestions! I’ll have to get to Trader Joe’s this weekend. Did your baby still have blood during those two months? It’s been almost five weeks now and the GI is talking about maybe switching to formula and since my baby is perfectly happy and healthy besides this blood that he’s not even affected by, I’m curious what would happen if I kept up with this diet for longer or just slowly added foods back in. 
  • @starsaligned13 I don’t have any experience with elimination diets or a baby with food allergies, but I was unable to breastfeed. My milk simply didn’t come in. I absolutely resented myself for a while and struggled with anxiety while I was still pumping every two hours trying to get it to come in. When I finally stopped and we decided to exclusively formula feed it really took a lot of pressure off me. First of all my husband was able to help and I was free to sleep a lot more! It was also much easier when my parents wanted to start keeping him on weekends every now and then. So even if you have to feed formula, be kind to yourself. It’s not going to hurt your baby and it’s possible that it’ll help! Anyway. From a formula feeding mama, you got this!
  • My pediatrician told me that a small amount of blood in his stool is not such big of a deal (while baby is happy) and breast milk has so much more in it than the harm from that blood. It’s just my case and I kept breastfeeding while we had more other problems along way (with tongue tie). My son is 4,5 months now and I’m happy with my decision. 
    I had to cut dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, shellfish and nuts to fully clear his stool. After 2 weeks straight clear stool I start reintroduce some products back. Now I’m eating everything back again while having some blood flakes from time to time but i ignore them as it’s too much work for me and really not that bad for his stool. 
    Listen to yourself mama, you definitely know what will be the best for you and your baby in your case!
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