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I need prepping help!

Can I prep my hemp with the BG organic OS pocket, or do they need to be prepped separately? Also, would it be ok to throw my egyptian cotton flannel wipes in there as well? Can I do wash, wash, dry, or do I really need to dry every time?

I've never had hemp before, so I appreciate the help!

Re: I need prepping help!

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    I'm not familiar with the bg organic and I was a bit confused by the description. There was mention of a stay dry layer but the picture showed organic cotton as the layer against the skin . . . IF there's a stay dry layer of some kind (suedecloth or fleece) then do not prep them with your hemp. If it's just the organic cotton then you can prep all the diapers together. The wipes are fine with the hemp or the bg.

    I've always prepped my natural fiber diapers wash wash dry wash wash dry and they come out great. 

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