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Baby/Maternity Deals and Steals

Hope this is cool. I did one of these threads in my last BMB and we kept it going pretty much the whole time. I hate paying full price for most anything!

Post any helpful info here!

Re: Baby/Maternity Deals and Steals

  • Was reading Amazon is heavily rumored to be doing a two day “Prime Day” lite of sorts October 11-12th. 

    If you are looking to score a good Amazon deal you can enter items at and set a price threshold and get notified if a price drops to your set threshold. It also is awesome for seeing historical price high/low so you know what a good deal is and how often something goes on sale. This is how I got a double stroller over half off once. 

    Amazon, Target, Babylist, and others do free baby boxes if you make a registry and have various other requirements. The Amazon box this year was my best yet. These places also do one or two time discounts for anything remaining on your registries around or after your due date. I also got tons of coupons from Motherhood with my clothing order. 
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    One of my favorite blanket and bib brands, Copper Pearl, is a having a huge sale right now on a ton of their stuff. Some of their stuff is 80% off. Lots of hats, bows, 3-1 covers, changing changing covers, etc. 
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  • Not baby related, but definitely pregnancy/postpartum related…if you have Amazon Prime you can sign up now for a free year of Grubhub+. I paid way too much for delivery when DD was a newborn.

    I’m underwhelmed with what they have posted for early access deals for their October event, but there are some Graco products listed if anyone is looking. Most everything else so far is generic or off brand accessory type stuff. 
  • I am a sucker for American Eagle. I’m really short and their pants are one of the only brands that fit. Right now pretty much all their good leggings are half off (apparently the world just decided that tight leg leggings are out and flare are in so big sales going on). They have fold over leggings that double for maternity and are so buttery soft and comfy. I just got like 3 pairs on sale!

    Also definitely not as great qualify but the Ingrid & isobel brand at target has been awesome for stretchy jogger pants and leggings. I got a 2-pack of leggings for under $25 and the joggers I found are pretty much my new favorite clothing item. 

    Just figured I’d share because idk about you guys but all my jeans are done for now - even my stretchiest pair. 
  • @disneybaby23 I love those Aerie leggings and saw that sale last night! I have 5 pairs 🙃 the stretch is supportive without cutting off circulation and the softness is perfect without showing any lumps and bumps in detail. Plus they make tall size -big fan! 
  • Chicco Keyfit 30 bases are 50% off on Amazon right now. I also got a new travel system for 29% off instead of just going for the seat, which effectively scored me a stroller for just an extra $100 so I can give our old one to our parents. 
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    Another boutique is having a clean out sale. Kate Quinn. If you use FALLSALE at check out you get an extra 40% on sale items as well. 
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  • This isn’t really a deal or steal but I couldn’t find our maternity clothes discussion 😅 I hate maternity jeans that go over the belly because I’m constantly pulling them up. They run so big in the hips. Anyone have any favorite maternity jeans or styles that fit better? We get a whole week of jeans next week and possibly an entire month of jeans in December and this pregnant teacher is not happy and would rather wear sweats 😭😂
  • @mamahosch In my experience they all slide down. But I also don’t have much of a butt! I found the side panel ones to actually be worse than the full belly ones. I do like the belly panel for a little bit of support there rather than none at all. The hair tie trick works well with regular jeans but I’m at the point that I’m going to be stretching all my nice jeans out so I’m past that stage. Maybe you can do that next week?
  • @disneybaby23 I also love American Eagle!! I’m also very short and they have the best jeans! Their sweater game is also always on point. I just bought a few oversized sweaters from them. 🤗
  • I bought this bassinet on a whim because it is $100 off and looks like a very economical alternative to the Snoo. Both of my kids were motion junkies so I want to have it on hand. If we don’t end up using it I can return it up to one year since I put it on the registry. Sharing in case anyone was looking at it…apparently it’s cheapest price ever. 

    Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology | Baby Bassinet Detects and Responds to Baby's Cries to Help Soothe Back to Sleep, Ellison , 19 D x 26 W x 41 H Inch (Pack of 1)
  • NBR: One year of Hulu for 1.99/month this week. This is how we pay year to year. Last year it was only .99 per month though. 😕 But still very affordable. We are probably going cable-free soon and want to pare down the streaming to just essentials. 
  • Alright I guess I better start shopping for the twins stuff.. and I’m totally clueless on everything.. do I really need two of everything?? 
  • I signed up for similac and enfamil emails several months ago just to see what would come. Although I plan to breastfeed, I always recommend having emergency formula on hand. I wasn’t sure if they still did free samples because of the shortages, but I did get a whole box of samples from enfamil today…three small cans and a pack of ready to feeds with a nipple! Definitely saved me $15-20 from buying a small emergency stash!

    If anyone reading this plans to formula feed, they included several coupons too. The expiration dates were also way in the future. 
  • I came across these postpartum, breastfeeding, and baby health bundles from Mamieli and the price is less than if you add up the items individually, plus there’s a $10 coupon off. I’m really happy with them because I’m feeling so ready for when baby comes and they included things I was going to buy anyway. All in all across the three bundles I bought I think i got like 40+ items lol who knew there was so many little things to buy!! Otherwise getting registry completion discounts has been a big money saver for me but others have already mentioned that
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