2nd Trimester


This is a weird topic for me, but I wanted to see if this is normal as I’ve been experiencing it since I was 7 weeks and now I’m 14 weeks today. I haven’t mentioned it to my OB because well I figured it would just go away.. everytime me and my husband have sex & he cums in my vagina I have a gag reflex & almost vomit everytime.. is this normal? This also happens if it’s on me or I see it, Does this last the entire pregnancy? Or does anyone else experience this? It’s getting really annoying because I’m not the type to dislike it usually , any tips are appreciated I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Re: Sex

  • Honestly it's an aversion you have. Like anything else that makes you sick it could last all pregnancy or get better in 2nd trimester. It will however go away after baby is born. It could be the texture or the smell that gets you sick. For now hopefully he understands it's not him just the pregnancy. It does weird shit to your body. Hope that helps. 
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