3rd Trimester

Braxton Hicks or more?

31 weeks tomorrow. I’ve been having period like cramps and low back pain. Is this normal and maybe just Braxton Hicks? I’ve also been waking up in the middle of the night with sharp pains in my stomach. 

Re: Braxton Hicks or more?

  • If you are concerned call your doctor. At 31 weeks they would try to stop any impending labor but the worse it gets the harder it is to stop.
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  • They just said if I feel concerned I can go to the hospital. I just didn’t want to waste time if it was nothing 
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  • For most of my 3rd tri I had occasional period cramp-like BH. The reason I knew they were BH was because I would sit down and rest/drink water and they’d go away on their own. (It would usually happen at work because I worked in a restaurant). If they don’t let up or can be timed I would keep track of that. 
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